Together we offer craftmanship

Versatile, all-round and customer orientated. These are the keywords of what the Kooiman Group is all about. Forming an umbrella of stand-alone operating companies. Each company serving its own customers with its specific knowledge. Together covering all aspects of the shipbuilding industry.

Through the exchange of human resources, knowledge and materials within the Kooiman Group all partners get stronger what results in a constant high quality of work and customers benefiting of the diversity of disciplines, facilities and capabilities.

By the far-reaching pooling of knowledge and expertise the ships within the Kooiman Group hide no secrets. Dealing with craftsmanship we are able to take on any kind of work. From designing to the completion. From new building constructions to modifications and repairs. From harbour equipment to interior design. Overall the Kooiman Group can be your trusted partner.

On board of this website, we are pleased to take you on a ‘mini-cruise’ introducing our businesses. We will talk to you about new facts and developments. Off course there is no need to leave it at the digital introduction. At all locations, we are happy to brainstorm with you about the realization of all your nautical wishes.